Company Overview

Welcome to Genolution

Established in 2006, Genolution Inc. has been providing solutions toward a better life by focusing on the fields of molecular diagnostics and RNAi. Our core technologies to develop faster, more affordable, and higher through-put nucleic acid extraction platforms led to the development of the Nextractor® nucleic acid extraction instrument series and extraction kits; they were vital for our progress in the fields of molecular diagnostics, genetic testing, and life sciences research. Moreover, our double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) synthesis technology enabled us to equip researchers with large-scale dsRNA for gene expression studies and pest control product development.

Our endeavors to provide better quality and better solutions in the fields of IVD and RNAi have led to numerous partners in academia, government institutes, reference labs, as well as industry leaders around the globe.

As a publicly listed company in KOSDAQ as of July 2020, Genolution aims for utmost accountability and transparency. We will make every effort to manifest our dreams and become a Global Life Sciences Group.

Genolution is operated by a team of individuals with different expertise to bring solutions toward a better life.

Better Quality, Better Solution

Genolution specializes in the manufacturing of IVD medical instruments for molecular diagnostics;
Genolution also provides RNAi related products and services,
while expanding into RNAi research and development, such as that of AgroRNA.