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Nextractor® NX-48S

Nextractor® is automated system for rapid isolation of DNA and RNA from a variety of samples. Nextractor® can extract nucleic acid from up to 48 samples at once, saving your valuable time and labor.

Fully Automated Extraction
  • Walk away system
High Throughput
  • 48 specimens at one run
  • 48 Extractions in 15~25 minutes
Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent
  • 1, 8, 24 Samples per plate
  • All Cartridge can be used simultaneously without changing hardware and software format
  • UV lamp and auto door lock
7’ Touch Screen UI
  • Easy to operate without training
  • Pre-programmed and User-defined Protocols
Dimensions and Weight
  • W × H × D : 364 × 386 × 420 mm
  • 25 kg

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