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AgroRNA Long dsRNA Synthesis Service

RNA interference(RNAi) is a method of sequence-specifically blocking gene function that works by introducing into cells with short sequences of RNA that match part of a target organism's gene sequence.
RNA interference works in the cytoplasm of the cell; thus it does not genetically modify the organism. It can block an organism's production of an essential protein, suppress or modify various genetic traits without changing the genetic make-up of the organism. It has been well known that long dsRNA (~200-800 bp) can initiate RNAi in plant, worms, insect, and even shrimp. Thus, dsRNA has been studied and may be a new raw material for herbicide, insecticide, anti-fungal and anti-viral applications for agricultural as well as environmental applications. Because of its sequence specificity, it can also be designed to have no toxicity to unintended organisms.

Our dsRNA Products are
  • Synthesized via proprietary in-vitro transcription platform
  • Free from any living organisms such as genetically modified E. coli with expresses dsRNA.
  • Provided as pre-annealed duplex
  • Provided with Agarose gel and Nanodrop analysis report
  • Shipped at ambient temperature in liquid form

dsRNA Synthesis

Large-scale dsRNA synthesis service to enable R&D in the field of AgTech

dsRNA-based Product

R&D in agricultural products using dsRNA as key active ingredient