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~40% of employees
working in R&D

Maters and Ph.D level scientists from diverse backgrounds in biotech, biomedical engineering, chemistry, entomology and plant pathology working together for our mission
~11% of revenue invested in R&D
Long-standing commitment in R&D to be a global pioneer.
R&D pipeline for innovation and sustainability
Dedication to R&D with a strong focus on molecular diagnostics and Agbio.
Molecular diagnostics platform

Our dedication to R&D for advancing nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) extraction chemistry and automation, the most vital technology in life science and molecular diagnostics for the lives.

Developing an automated liquid handling system with mid to high throughput capacity based on our core technology in nucleic acid extraction chemistry
Providing solutions for high-quality isolation of liquid biopsy-derived biomarkers (extracellular vesicles, exosome, cfDNA, etc.) for precision medicine
Conducting translation and clinical research on early disease diagnosis and companion diagnostics through next generation sequencing (NGS)-based multi-omics profiling in alignment with our nucleic acid extraction chemistry
RNA-based Agbio Platform

Our striving to become a pioneer in RNA-based Agbio for a sustainable environment and lives

Developing veterinary therapeutics, including the therapeutics for honeybees, using dsRNA as a key active pharmaceutical component
Establishing a mass production technology and its infrastructure for producing dsRNA to serve as a platform for dsRNA contract manufacturing and Agbio products
Developing and applying NGS / Bioinformatics-based algorithms as one of our core technologies for accelerating and facilitating Agbio research and product development